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Consulting and sparring

We offer consulting, coaching and sparring services. We strive to find suitable digital marketing tools and communication channels. We are strongly involved in various coaching groups as company mentors. We can manage the launch of a new product / service, we can make a market or competitor analysis and a marketing plan, and we can help, for example, to integrate into a new region / country.

Alcoholic and other beverages

We represent drinks made from clean and high-quality raw materials from Finland. The beverages we represent can be bottled waters, fermented beverages, beverage mixes, spirits and mixers. In addition:


Does your company have food or other raw materials that you provide to your customers? Do you want to grow your customer base or expand abroad and find suitable partners? We are with you in finding the right pathways to conquer the international markets. Together with you, we will make the products available to customers. We contact potential customers according to your criteria. Customers can be for example:

Beauty, Wellness Centers and Spas

Are you looking for manufacturers, business partners or customers of beauty products in Spain? Or do you have beauty products that you want to import to Spain or alternatively from Spain to Finland? We can be involved in part of the process or take representation of your products. In addition to representation:

Other services

We are happy to be involved in various projects in Spain and Finland. We want to represent products from different industries. We value products that are produced in an ecologically, socially and economically sustainable way. In addition, we can: