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Now is the time to think bigger and take a fresh start in business. Let’s do it together!

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We ignite ideas to life, enable growth, open new doors and innovate a strong brand for a new beginning.
We want to be able to represent our customers’ products and services in a new style and to enter into strong long-term deals between partners. We want to be part of our customers’ growth stories.
We are defined by our customers, and we represent products and services in accordance with the brand. We consult, coach and spar with both new entrepreneurs and companies that have a strong will to grow.

Having courage to a new start – NewStart Ltd.

Business idea as bright as the Sun in Costa del Sol

As its name implies, NewStart Ltd. has its origins in the new beginning. The company’s founder Tanja Kauriinoja has been an entrepreneur for several years. She has seen the ups and downs of entrepreneurship. A new beginning literally came when Tanja moved with her husband Kalle Kauriinoja to Spain. They have both been at the forefront of remote working for several years. Moving abroad reinforced the desire to develop agile business models and reform the corporate culture of remote working. At present, their home can be found in Rovaniemi, Finland, and in Mijas, Spain.

When NewStart Ltd. was seeking its true form it was feeling like an eternity project. Until one beautiful day we were sitting at the Beach Club enjoying tapas and cold drinks. Sufficient sunshine in Costa del Sol made our thoughts radiate. The pieces just snapped into place and it became clear what we want to do. This is how the business plan of NewStart Ltd. was born, in the corner of a napkin. Best of all, the next day the business idea felt still very sensible.

We want to give other companies the opportunity to start anew as well and we offer consulting and agency services on the Finland – Spain axis. In the future, we want to expand our services to other countries as well.

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The Sun is still rising today! Every day is full of opportunities!

The unifying factor between our customers and us is the desire to find new ways to grow the business and the ability to have strong cooperation. This often stems from the realization that there is freedom of choice to develop a business plan and concrete operating models. We do not represent every “thingamajig” or arrange a consultation for a company that first explains how the business has been and will continue to be conducted. We want to choose our customers carefully, even though we are still in the startup stage as a company. A strong foundation is created from the beginning. We are ready for new beginnings, and we enjoy the opportunities that each day can bring when it comes. NewStart – together!